I need computer help fast?

Answer update your driversfrom your computers manfacturereand for the printer

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Alright here's the deal,, I need packs... n I need em FAST! please help!!?

Hey bud, i am the same age and about to start high school in a week too, i was working on my abs for a while now, maybe about a month and i have a killer 6 pack now. to be honest, its all mostly di... Read More »

Help I need help fast soo nauseous!!! Just had my wisdom teeth takin out!!?

hey the same thing happen to me and i ended up throwing up. its bc the meds are very strong. drink plenty of water and soft food.

I need help an I need advice FAST!?

drink half a glass of water every hour until your test

I need help...... please help fast?

There are always other ways to wear your hair that might make you feel less self contious. Like you could wear half up with like a clip in the back or braid your hair to the side or a bun would be ... Read More »