I need as many ways as possible to cure a sore throat?

Answer Gargle with warm salt water which will help reduce swelling and relieve discomfort. Gargle at least once each hour with 1 teaspoon of salt in 8 oz of warm water. Fluids can help thin secretions and... Read More »

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What can cure a cough and sore throat please i really need an answer please help me?

I use Chloraseptic throat lozenges because they have a very effective anesthetic called Benzocaine in them which numbs your throat. My weak spot is my throat so I keep some of those around when I ... Read More »

How to cure a sore throat?

1 teaspoon of salt stirred into a glass of warm water - gargle twice a day morning and before you go to bed - it really works. Also get plenty of rest since a sore throat is often a warning that yo... Read More »

Cure for sore throat?

Drink clear liquids which are most soothing and help to thin out the mucus at the back of your throat. Warm liquids also help in alleviating the pain. It is better to stick to a healthy diet that ... Read More »

How to cure a sore throat overnight?

I know it hurts but drink water, get rest, and use good old fashion medicine. Also there is this spray you can buy that you spray in the back of your throat, that stuff works like magic! Cough drop... Read More »