I need answers right away its urgent!!!!?

Answer no its not bad... That happened to me around 12. Its normal so dont worrie

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Please help right away! Its URGENT!?

Put lots of Vitamin E cream on it once it heals over (no scab) so it wont leave a scar. While it is still scabby, put tons of neosporin, antibiotic cream, or polysporin. they are really good as t... Read More »

Urgent! I really need answers ASAP?

LOL STALKER for real? hahaanyway go to facebook. locate the wheel type of icon at the top right of the facebook bar (Blue bar)Click ---> choose privacy settings Click on Timeline and Taggingadjust ... Read More »

Kidney infection getting worse, need urgent answers?

Hey Alexandra, if your getting worse not better. Book to see your doctor immediatley or go to accident and emergency. Don't rest on your morales and convince yourself it will be ok. If your getting... Read More »

Makeup for a bad acne breakout! URGENT!!! I NEED LOTS OF IDEAS!!! URGENT!!!?

I don't live in canada but my dermatologist says the best to use is Nuetrogena clear skin products. I used to have the worst acne but then i got prescribed a face cleaner that works ok, but the bes... Read More »