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Answer The mouse is not a foot control.CD's go in the "coffee cup holder"You must plug in BOTH the computer and the monitor.Tech support is not a type of stocking.Micro$oft is not the only software manufa... Read More »

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You can get a bruise from the slightest bump that you don't remember, sounds like you backed into a work service.Why on earth do you be wanting to crack you're back that just can't be good.As for t... Read More »

I need answers!! its an emergancy!!?

Unless she was seeing a doctor who knew about a disease she had, you’ll need an autopsy to find out why she died. If the doctors in DR are not willing to do an autopsy, you can hire a private pat... Read More »

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Herbal therapy. Period. I could talk for days and days about this subject, but due to the fact that I have limited time at the moment and no one really wants to read a year's worth of typing (lol) ... Read More »