I need an attention getter on my speech "imagination"?

Answer Close your eyes and think of just a magical place where the sky is baby blue, the grass is as soft as fur, the sun bathes your skin with its glowing rays. Now open your eyes, would'nt you just lov... Read More »

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What would be a good attention-getter for my speech on alternative medicine?

Look at the crowd and then write on the board numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 vertically. Then ask the crowd to name the where you should write heart disease, cancer, and stroke, for killing Americans toda... Read More »

How to Write an Attention Getter?

Every click is just another reminder of what I have done. I keep on typing to document this moment of paranoia; I wonder if anyone will ever detect that I am, in fact, a thief.

What is a getter in a vacuum tube?

A getter is a substance--typically a metal such as barium, calcium or strontium--introduced into a vacuum tube to increase the strength of the vacuum by combining chemically with any gas remaining ... Read More »

Would you call the building attention by saying building attention or just attention?

A prepatory command such as building, company, group, battalion, etc. must preceed the command of exection. So you would say, "Company, Attention"