I need an antivirus software?

Answer You Could Always Download Avast Free Anti Virus because once you download it and Register you get a Free Year to use it :)

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Do you need antivirus software with a Mac?

The operating system (OS X) of the Mac protects the computer against viruses that regularly infect other PCs. This built-in protection virtually eliminates the need for installing an anti-virus sof... Read More »

Does a Mac need antivirus& Internet security software?

A Mac does need anti-virus and Internet security software. Although the vast majority of viruses are written for Windows-based systems, Mac OS X has vulnerabilities as well. If the market share of ... Read More »

Does a Dell computer need a specific antivirus software?

Dell computers do not require a specific brand of anti-virus software. Whether you have a Dell computer, or any other brand, the only requirements are that you choose anti-virus software that is co... Read More »

Antivirus 2009 most removal software is expensive, anyone know any FREE software ( that works )?

In your situation, there are a few options.1) Reformat and reinstall your Windows ( leave it as last resort )2) Take out your hard disk and install as secondary drive in another PC that have a good... Read More »