I need an alternative to smoking....Any advice....?

Answer What you have to do is to keep your hands busy so that you don't have a chance to light up.The answer is very clear. You must become a marathon juggler. Juggle all day long until you black out an... Read More »

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Can you tell what I need to know, wife is now pregnant and need all your good advice?

Okay, first off, she needs to be taking prenatal vitamins. If she can't tolerate them because of morning sickness, she should then take only Folic acid until the sickness subsides. The Folic acid p... Read More »

Sephora job application. i need help!! i need advice?

For job history put things that u have volenteered for. Good luck!

I need help an I need advice FAST!?

drink half a glass of water every hour until your test

I need an alternative to Microsoft Word?

Libreoffice works great. It's free and it looks similar to Microsoft Office.