I need an alternative to Microsoft Word?

Answer Libreoffice works great. It's free and it looks similar to Microsoft Office.

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What is a better Alternative to Microsoft Word , LibreOffice or OpenOffice?

LibreOffice.LO is a fork of OOo, and has been improving steadily. Also, improvements in OO are adopted into LO. So LibreOffice is the best of the three.

I need an alternative to Microsoft Office?

Try OpenOffice orLibreOffice is yours, choose any one! both are free and are similar too MS officeHope it helps:)

Does anybody know were i can download microsoft word becasue I need it for a report. I only have word perfect?

First of all, you are not supposed to download Microsoft Word from anywhere because it is not free. You have to buy. So feel free to go to your nearest electronics/computer accessories and tell t... Read More »

Do I need to pay for Microsoft Word, or can I download it for free?

Get OpenofficeIt is free and works with Microsoft Word documents and Excel adn more...