I need advice...i'm 15 and never had a boyfriend?

Answer if u make this clear to a decent sweet guy im 100% sure he will help you out because he wants a girfriend too because he does not have one - get the shy guys - they can be good loverz too

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Am I ugly I can never get a boyfriend...?

first of all, you're pretty and im being honest with you. I wouldn't lie to you because there's no point in it. I don't even know you =] The thing is, just because you can't get a bf doesn't always... Read More »

Just found out my crush likes me but I'm 13 never had a boyfriend HELP?

so here is my kinda relationship- Laughing around, hanging out along with other friends, talk to each other often and get to know each other, hold hands, maybe a few pecks etc etc. now a few people... Read More »

How to Make a Weekend Your Boyfriend Will Never Forget?

Women are not the only ones who like feeling appreciated by their significant other; men need reassurance that they are loved as well. Planning a romantic weekend for your boyfriend is a good way f... Read More »

I tag my boyfriend on facebook. It never shows please read the whole question?

he can just ignore it and it will never get approved - he is picking which ones he wants himself tagged inand no, it will not notify you of his action if he has it set to approve