I need advice on where to take my baby daddy ?

Answer There are plenty of good places, but I have no idea what he likes. Random:Brick OvenAustin Land and CattleCarmelosFonda San MiguelMikadoVivoFogo do Chao

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I just placed my baby boy for adoption 6 weeks ago... I need some advice please...?

Whether you have a chance or not depends on the state in which you surrendered. I don't want to be a wet blanket, and I know your pain, but being very honest, your chances are slim. In many states,... Read More »

If you could give a first time mommy or daddy just one sentence of advice?

Kids see what you do first before listening to what you say.

Can someone advice me on where can I take an on line course in biblical studies with reasonable tuition fee?

I know of a place; you can have a free home Bible study.I did say in ur home.Also, FREE ;~)J's W's will conduct a free home Bible study with you;at no cost to you.You decide day & time.Taking into ... Read More »

How can I find a new baby daddy?

Create a new one in his honor!! lolEDIT:I emailed you............