I need advice before starting college.?

Answer The only thing I can say is - do what you think you're going to love to do, and just go for it, regardless of what anyone else says.Not the most ideal advice, but it's only a decision you can make. :)

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I need advice on starting a band?

Hey, look for some people you know around school and ask your music teacher if he/she knows of anybody interested. Also at the school you learn how to play the piano at ask your instructor if he kn... Read More »

Im starting 7th grade this September... I need advice!?

i'd say if you're only going into 7th grade, eyeliner is too much for school, but a little blush, some eyeshadow and a light colored lipstick or lip gloss would be okay.there are also tips here:htt... Read More »

I need to move out before August any advice?

there are hundreds of really good resources out there. try asking your school counselor.

What college courses do you need to take before taking the MCAT?

The MCAT, or Medical College Admission Test, is broken into four sections that measure whether a person has the knowledge to become a successful medical student. They are physical sciences (physics... Read More »