I need advice about a TV---I'm so confused?

Answer If you're going to buy a big screen, I would highly recommend switching to HD service with your cable provider. When you blow up a standard def signal to a big screen, it just does not look good. ... Read More »

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Need advice about camera?

PVA isn't waterproof. You need a clear neoprene based glue like Bostik Clear, or a silicone sealer.Or else see if the camera can be opened up and the seal replaced

I need advice...about Dvd camcorders?

i dont reccomend buying a dvd camcorder, it is always assumed that dvd camcorders are better than dv camcorders but this is not true at all. dvd camcorders compress (reduce the quality) of your vid... Read More »

I need some advice or opinion about adopting.?

Dont move wait until, God opens your eyes, God will provide a way for you. Spent time in praise meaning praise God for the answer. Remember this God own s everything and there is nothing to hard fo... Read More »

I need advice about ascending my YouTube career?

At this point, don't buy any software. Use something like photoshop and aftereffects, which you can just spam the free trial with. To start to grow, go around and tell people about what you do. For... Read More »