I need advice about a TV---I'm so confused?

Answer If you're going to buy a big screen, I would highly recommend switching to HD service with your cable provider. When you blow up a standard def signal to a big screen, it just does not look good. ... Read More »

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I am so confused! Would like to buy a digital camera and have seen the comparison sites but still confused?

it's difficult within that budget, you may need to rethink and consider bottom level SLR's like the Nikon D40/50. But the first thing you need to do is ignore comparison sites, find a decent local ... Read More »

How to Give People Advice and Make Them Think It's Good Advice?

At some point in your life, you will be confronted with a situation where someone comes to you looking for advice. If completely clueless or indifferent to the other person's emotional needs, follo... Read More »

Confused someone help?

Since your stomach was empty you might have got stomach up set.

Im so confused! please help!!!?

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