I need a video card driver. 10 Points?

Answer You can download the driver here: you can go to NVidia's website and download drivers for the NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS. Keep in mind though, that it may NOT be compat... Read More »

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What is a video card driver?

A video card driver is software that allows the operating system to communicate with the video card. Most video card drivers are developed by the manufacturer of the video card.References:" Read More »

How to Install the Latest Video Card Driver?

Most computer hardware drivers only need to be installed once. Video card drivers, on the other hand, are routinely updated to keep pace with the latest games and other software releases. Without u... Read More »

Will Windows XP recognize a 64 MB PC133 video card without a driver CD?

Windows XP will recognize just about any video card but will apply only limited video settings until you install device drivers for the hardware. High screen resolution and advanced 3D features wil... Read More »

When do I uninstall my old video cards' driver, before or after installing the new card?

delete your old one first, then install new one