I need a sophisticated, smart, easy natural 13 yr old make up look 4 school?

Answer At 13, you definitely don't want to be wearing a ton of makeup. Definitely go for the more natural look, like you said. My little sister is the same age as you, and I know some of her classmates we... Read More »

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Is it a true test of sobriety 2 feel sophisticated when you are drunk or to be able to pronounce sophisticated?

...honestly..sophisticated is not a word that would enter my vocabularywhen I drink........were you drinking when you thought of this?? ;-)

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All-natural products, including shampoos, are always a wise choice. They do not contain any chemicals that might be found in regular store-bought shampoos. Brand name all-natural shampoos are expen... Read More »

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Okay, you want to look cool, sophisticated, mature?