I need a scsi card for a gateway computor to run a olympus es10s.james?

Answer ebay. search for scsi cards. anyone will work.

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What is the name of the expansion card in an SCSI system that controls the SCSI bus?

The proper name for the expansion card in a SCSI system that controls the SCSI Bus is SCSI Host Adapter. The adapter transfers data between the CPU and storage devices or other peripheral devices v... Read More »

What is the function of a SCSI card in a PC?

A small computer systems interface (SCSI) card links SCSI devices to a personal computer. Depending on the type of cable a device requires, a SCSI card may utilize a 25-, 50- or 68-pin connector. O... Read More »

I just purchased a new memory card for an Olympus camedia digital camera I'm having problems getting it to work after telling it not to format and card error flashes?

Need to install software for scsi/raid host conWhat devices use scsi/raid drivers?

If it is new when you turn on your PC, wonder if you installed new softwares related to this issue. Some simulation applications , like CD simulator, may let system think there is a new device.Chec... Read More »