I need a scanning system that I can scan my trucks with?

Answer Scanned for WHAT exactly? Come on, we're not mind readers. Explosives? Diagnostic info? Loadout?

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I need a scanner/printer that auto feeds itself for scanning lots of documents. (As CHEAP as possible too)?

Hi, do you care about the quality of the scans? There are so many scanners out there today to choose from. Check out this website for more info on what to select. I would suggest a Canon or an Epso... Read More »

Need help with scanning pictures from my printer to my mac?

Step 1: throw mac out windowStep 2: by PCStep 3: Be in awe that it accepts 3rd party devices and programsStep 4: Enjoy life :)

Best scanning utility to scan 10k+ photos?

Canon, as usual, has a great device for this task;Slides & negatives to digital format:CanoScan 8400F Color Image Scanner produces superb high-speed scans of a wide range of materials... scan valua... Read More »

What is a good scanning resolution for a flat bed scanner to scan photographs?

Depending on the size of the photograph:for A4, 300dpifor A5 (half A5) 600dpi if you intend doing re-touching on the photograph.Resolution does not equal dimensions/size