I need a retainer but if I don't get one will my teeth get in the way when I kiss ?

Answer if you don't get a retainer then your teeth will start to move back to how they were originally.i have a retainer and it took me a couple of hours to get used to them, you don't speak funny but you... Read More »

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What happens if I dont use my retainer?

Sharpening teeth dont (dont view if your normal or just social) :)?

Let me tell you even though I'm a dental professional I recognize that many people in today's society find a number of ways to be different and gain their own particular mode of special recognition... Read More »


If it fits, it will help. If it doesn't fit, it could make things worse. If there are any really tight spots or any new crowding or twisting to the teeth, the retainer probably won't help fix thos... Read More »

Bottom Teeth Retainer Help?

You should try using dental wax. The same wax you used for your braces should work, just make a ball and make sure that the wax goes into the ridges of your teeth so it doesn't just fall off.