I need a really thick vanilla frosting recipe?

Answer This seven minute frosting tastes something like marshmallows but is usually fairly thick. I don't find it overly sweet but we all have different tastes. I usually find that buttercream frosting b... Read More »

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How to Make Homemade Vanilla Frosting?

Yum!Tired of that old tube of vanilla frosting? Wondering how those bakery's make their frosting delicious? Here is how you can make a very simple and basic recipe of it.

What flavor cake would be best with vanilla buttercream frosting?

hi vanilla, since vanilla buttercream is such a universally appealing flavor, i think either one of those 2 cake mixes would work great. i would go with the devil's food cake because i love chocol... Read More »

Do you need to use egg whites to make thick white frosting?

Egg whites aren't necessary to make a thick white frosting. Recipes that don't include egg whites in their ingredients often call for items like shortening, butter, flour and milk to thicken the ic... Read More »

Vanilla Silk Essential Oil Recipe?

Vanilla is a pleasant and mild smell that many people enjoy wearing. There are many ways to use vanilla oil. Soaps and perfumes are available, but vanilla oil can also be used in easy recipes at ho... Read More »