I need a printer driver...HP Laserjet1320tn....See details!?

Answer The official HP site is here. You select your model from the table and then download.…

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I need a (digital) camera...(read for details)?

toughie tpo get all that in a decent camera for under £100do you need digital.. otherwise u could get a film SLR + lenses + flash for a lot lessif you ust have digital then consider some of the mi... Read More »

What type of printer cord do I need for a Lexmark P250 photo printer?

A standard usb printer cable like this one at walmart

Can somebody plz show me how to put a music in my ipod. i need details.?

Download the music first, then download iTunes.After that, Connect your ipod with the cord they gave you.Wait for sync.Move the downloaded songs to itunes.Disconnect and your ready to go.

I need replacement cartridges for my printer. They cost about £2 less than the printer. Why?

Many companies sell the printer at a loss, and jack up the prices of the consumables.You only buy one printer, you buy many many sets of cartridges.Insult to injury - all companies ship their print... Read More »