I need a powerful anti-virus to scan my pc?

Answer Webroot's Spy Sweeper with Anti-Virus

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I need a simple free anti-virus scan and destroyer.?

let me got the virus called "security tool" more than likely.if that is the case,your better off re-installing your osthere is no way out of it.

How can you tell if a spyware scan or anti virus scan is working or not?

This really depends on the antivirus program. Most antivirus programs will have some sort of status screen where it will show the actual files it is scanning. What antivirus program are you using?

Powerful anti-virus for full coverage?

If you want automated solution, download on another pc and burn norton power eraser. Boot infected PC from it. You can also try this video guide:…

Computer has virus and won't let me download an anti-virus or scan or update windows, what can i do?

It certainly sounds like you have been infected with some kind of malware. Whenever you suspect you have an infection, there are several things you must do. Unfortunately, if you find one infectio... Read More »