I need a picture to put this quote to?

Answer heres a sad one that I think would go nicely with it. Its simply a sad looking caged pig.…Heres one thats just so cute I had to share it as an option. I ... Read More »

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Do you agree with this quote Even very young children need to be informed about dying.?

Yeah... Plus you don't want death to be a complete shock to the little darlings at age 90.

Do i need to consult a dermatologist for this ( Picture included )?

If your mole raised then it is considered a bit odd, usually moles are benign when there is absolutely no change to it. If you're really worried, get your dermatologist to perform a biopsy and send... Read More »

What Do They Call This Pose That Carly Patterson Is Striking In This Picture?

Are you on magic mushrooms or something.................

I have a scanner and i need to save the picture on my computer but when i try says i need to download sotfware?

Did you install the software and driver for your scanner? If you dont have the driver, you can download it from the scanner mfg website.