I need a new video card for my computer?

Answer Get a hold of your motherboard manual to see what options you have for upgrading your video card. Then use amazon to get the best prices and the best reviews for a product.Download SIW Free from do... Read More »

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Video card poll for all you computer people: Can you list all the video cards you have owned?

Blockbuster,Civic Video,Ryde Rentals and the one down the road that gives you a free bag of popcorn when you hire out 5 or more videos.BQ: Seeing as the 2nd one sounds like a venereal disease luv I... Read More »

Does my computer have a video card?

you wouldn't be able to see anything from your monitor if you didn't. for details about it click start and right click properties on my computer

What Video Card Should I Buy for My Computer?

On One Hand: Price RangeAs technology constantly advances, video cards are generally released in sets twice a year. Nvidia and ATI (the two primary video card manufacturers) produce "series" of car... Read More »

How to Fix the Video Card on My Computer?

The video graphics card on a computer system powers the display graphics for rendering software and video games. However, if the video card is not functioning properly you are going to see a downgr... Read More »