I need a new graphics card?

Answer It will fit your motherboard (probably), what model of computer do you have?In order to know whether you can get a graphics card you will need to know two things. Firstly you must know whether have... Read More »

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Does onboard graphics mean I don't need a graphics card?

Yes. If a motherboard has onboard graphics, it means that the motherboard contains a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). You do not need to install a graphics card unless you are dissatisfied with the ... Read More »

Do I need a graphics card if my motherboard has onboard graphics?

If your computer's motherboard has on-board integrated graphics available, then you do not need an additional graphics card. Most motherboards have integrated graphics, but computer users add addit... Read More »

Do I need a graphics card?

If it meets your requirements you should be fine as is,

Need a gaming graphics card?

The xfx 6850 is the best bang for your buck, but remember your processor is old so will be holding you back. Best price I've ever seen for the card: you're getting a new grap... Read More »