I need a little help swallowing a pill!?

Answer Put it back on your tongue as far back as you can and then tilt your head back when you swallow. Do it quickly.Honey...there is liquid pain medication too. There are people that just cannot swall... Read More »

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What is an easy way of swallowing a pill?

Put it in your mouth and convince yourself you are only drinking a glass of water. Then take a big drink of water and drink it normally. The pill will wash down with the water.I have a hard time ... Read More »

I need pill addiction help...?

See if your area has narcotics anonymous support groups. This is a free walk in support group to help those with addiction problems. Just like they have alcoholics anonymous groups. You are all... Read More »

I cant swallow my pill,no one is answering and i really need help!?

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Need help. small green pill with 20 on one side and cant read the other?

There is simply not enough information. I don't understand your description about it "starting as a circle and gets smaller into another circle"-- what does, an imprint or the pill itself? Also, ... Read More »