I need a laptop or computer for under £400...?

Answer Never mind all other answers, go to:, the cheapest and best place to buy any computer hardware.

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I need a cheap laptop Under £400 Help?

Go to Tesco and buy an ACER - has all that you want and under £400 xxx

I need a cheap laptop preferably under $100.00 , Any suggestions?

Put a bid in on this (EBAY)…

I need a new computer, do you know of any good ones for under $1000?

I was lucky enough to have a guy make one for me,He put everything in it that I wanted with the specs that I copied off of a hewitt packard video machine computer at one of the computer stores. I... Read More »

I need a decent gaming computer but I'm on an ultra low budget. What can I get for under £300?

not for 300 401 is more realistic ( ask to see if it has a os preinstalled it should dothis will play on medium settings most games do not push past that…