I need a internet data 500 mb in the speed of 510 mbps and Cheap For Rs. 95?

Answer did u jst said 510 mbps i mean maximum u can get 3 mbps In india not more then this if u wnt to enjoy 510 mbps spped move to d japan or US loll

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How can i speed my internet connection free. can i get my internet speed up to 1 mbps while downloading ?

Try speedguide I have a 9 year old compaq Presario 5062 322 MHZ processor and here is the results of my speed test: I used the free tcp/ip optomizer that they offer there « Speed T... Read More »

Is 100 Mbps internet speed fast?

it's all relative of course, but in general for most things most people do (at home in particular) it is screaming fast. not as fast as gigabit ethernet (1000 Mbps)--which is becoming more the stan... Read More »

My network speed is 100.0 Mbps, but my internet is slow?

Correct #1.What that means in english, is your connection (wired, I assume) to your router is 100mbps, data travelling from your router to your pc is that speed.However, the Broadband speed enterin... Read More »

I'm supposed to be getting 7 Mbps with my Internet plan bu only getting around 1 Mbps?

run test at www.speedtest.netrepeat the tests over a 24hr periodonly tests run using a LAN connected pc are valid.wireless connected pc's suffer from incompatibilities so badlythat they cannot be r... Read More »