I need a herbal replacement for metformin?

Answer You could try Bitter Melon (in capsule form) and Cinnamon powder (1/2 to 1/4 Teaspoon per day). Bitter Melon decreases Insulin Resistance and stimulates the Beta cells in the pancreas to produce ... Read More »

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Male hormones, a herbal replacement?

I need a herbal tea appropriate for head ache's.?

HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT(s) FOR SINUSITIS / HEADACHES / MIGRAINES (Without any side effects or complications) :-SINUSITIS :-Right sided frontal sinusitis; discharge thick, yellowish; worse by cold,dam... Read More »

I need some information about herbal smocking?

Oh you need information about herbal smocking, great. I do not know why you need this but knowledge is power and great think. The best way to get information is website or web link. I think you get... Read More »

Can someone help me I need some info on why or why not Herbal Supplements should be tested like normal drugs?

Individual herbs are generally known in terms of toxicity, so any combination of them should be relatively safe. The problem with FDA "testing" is the the FDA doesn't actually do any testing. They ... Read More »