I need a head mounted camera, any ideas?

Answer The only way the camera will point where your head is pointed is if it is mounted to your head - or mounted to something connected to your head... like a helmet.If the camera is not mounted to your... Read More »

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If i go moose hunting, and get a good sized one .. is it rude to have the head mounted on the wall ?

Now now, there is no reason to go off half-****** just because you don't like my uncle Albert. Please don't shoot him and mount his head on your wall. At least not till I see his will or have a c... Read More »

Is a gopro hero 3 the best mounted camera you can buy?

It depends what you mean by "best", and what you're going to use it for. The GoPro Hero3 Black has the best optical specifications, but if you don't need to go that advanced then actually the Drift... Read More »

Wall Mounted Shelving Ideas?

Let wall-mounted shelves in beautiful wood finishes like oak, teak, walnut, mahogany, pine and chestnut change any room in your home. You can buy ready-made shelves of various sizes, colors and fin... Read More »

Ideas for a Wall Mounted TV and DVD Player Shelf?

Wall-mounted entertainment centers save space and add elegance to the room. Many living rooms or family rooms have fireplaces, especially in older homes. A wall-mounted TV and DVD player shelf wil... Read More »