I need a great advaced excel book?

Answer One of the best books available for handling formulas is written by John Walkenbach. He has produced several versions based upon each version of MS-Excel, all of them over 800 pages each. I have ... Read More »

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How to sum across excel worksheets in the same book for a specific value?

Let us say that your first worksheet is titled "Summary", and there are numerous other worksheets titled "PRD_01", "PRD_02", "PRD_03", etc... all the way up to "PRD_99". (Notice that I am not usin... Read More »

Scan data from book into excel?

Most decent scanners come with some form of OCR software as part of the package. This will allow you to automatically save the scanned pages as Text. Once it is saved in a text file, you can then... Read More »