I need a good websites for an 11 year old girl?

Answer www.There.commarapets.compowerpets.comneopets.comwebkinz.comzanpo.comkidscom.comvirtualpetsworld.comhabbo.comactiveworlds.commoove.comwhyville.netmeez.comkaneva.commissbimbo.comxivio.comroblox.coml... Read More »

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What are some good girl websites for girls 10-15? (for teens only) (teens only)http://www2.powerpets.com Read More »

What are some good websites for 12 year old's?

Brainpop, my 10yr old sister likes it. It's informative and teaches a lot of things. Like recently she wanted to know about 9-11-01 and I thought the website did a good job explaining it.

Can the mom of a 16 year old girl press charges on the 21 year old guy if hes dating the 16 year old and got her pregnant even though the 16 year old girl wanted it?

If the 16 year old girl wanted to have a baby you should talk to her before you go off the edge. Or don't go and press charges, but tell the guy that he was very SICK and WRONG to do that. It will ... Read More »

What is a good thing to do or a good place to go on a 13 year old girl b-day ?

Hey! I am 13. :) So I think your having it come from someone who relates to her! I am in 8th grade (I swear I remember being in 1st grade.. its crazy how fast time goes by!) and I know how she f... Read More »