I need a good scenario to masturbate to guys,plz help,any ideas?

Answer If you are old enough to watch porno tapes, you can get very excited and turned on by seeing men who are extremely well endowed plowing their manhoods into sexy ladies while both are screaming from... Read More »

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What type of Visa do i need for the below scenario to stay at Switzerland?

How long is your husband working in Switzerland / how long has he been a legal resident here.If he is a long term resident he is allowed to have you visit for that he needs to contact the local aut... Read More »

I am 15 i masturbate one time a day sometimes i masturbate but nothing comes out should i stop doing it?

no - you do it so it feels good, not for the stuff to come out at that age.. it is true that you are young as pointed out below, but that just shows that you shouldn't have that stuff coming out, y... Read More »

I need any ideas for a 12 year old b-day party. I need a theme, food ideas, and game ideas!?

Well you have your theme! It should be "everything that I love to do" and by "I" I mean YOU. Have a sleepover (those were my FAVORITE type of B-day parties when I was growing up)Start it a like 5 o... Read More »

I need a good make up for rosacea... any ideas?

You need to see a dermatologist because I had it and they gave me this cream that made it go away.