I need a free video to iphone ipad software, anyone here help me?

Answer As i konw, there are so many free video to iphone ipad converter in the nerwork. Google them or find them out by clicking ad banner. eg, free video converter. i have tried it, it is 100% free and ... Read More »

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Does anyone know of a good (ideally free) video capture software program?

It's a little unclear where you are asking we start to answer this question. Are you saying that your computer doesn't recognise the set up you have? If so, I can't really help as I don't know what... Read More »

Help NOW!! I need a 100% FREE video converter for Mac. I need to convert to .mov format.?

Mediaconverter free onlinn audio and video converter,you can convert online video or downloaded(upload),nice to use.Or use software,you can try Aneesoft Free MOV Video Converter,convert all popular... Read More »

I need computer software help. Downloaded a free program off net and can't get rid of it.?

Do this...Restart your computer in Safe Mode.Restart your computer, BEFORE you see the Windows picture, hit F8. Hit it multiple times if need be. Once a menu pops up, use your arrow keys to select ... Read More »

Need help with my iPad. So I got the WiFi plus 3g iPad. Then 3 days later someone cut r WiFi cord.I never got a chance 2 put my iPad 2 use the 3g.and I need WiFi 2 b able 2 do tat. Is there another wa?

Go to Best buy and get another wifi cord for like 40$ not that much money