I need a free robot forex software?

Answer It is better not to use robot for forex trading. You should analysis the market and trade manually. i really mean it.

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Ways to Trade FOREX Without Robot Software?

The 24/7 trading arena of the Forex market has given rise to software programs that automatically enter and exit trades around the clock when certain pre-designated market conditions are met. Calle... Read More »

I need OCR software to convert few scanned documents into EXCEL or ACCESS .Is there any free such software?

For many years now, most Scanners are sold with some form of OCR software. The CD that comes with the Scanner you purchased, the one that contained the drivers used during installation, should hav... Read More »

What is the best Forex robot on the market and does it work?

First, you should know that Forex is not that easy. Do not believe those who may say it is!Now, there are some good robots that MAY help you. Some are scam. Others are for real.Simply put, a Forex ... Read More »

I have heard of this robot called forex autopilot turbo; can anyone give me an objective review?

Trading (Forex, equities, commodities or whatever else) is a very psychological activity and thus requires training so that one can develop automatisms. Thankfully, Forex robots deliver that for yo... Read More »