I need a free FTP client with image thumbnail view, any ideas?

Answer FTP is not an image editor or protocol. It will download/upload your files to the computer/server as you need. If you want to resize images, use a graphics editor or many of the free online batch i... Read More »

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How to Write CSS for a Thumbnail Image in WordPress?

One of the many features WordPress has is its ability to generate automatic thumbnails for images on your site. Inserting the call the_post_thumbnail() in your WordPress template automatically plac... Read More »

How to Restore Thumbnail View in Windows XP?

Windows XP offers several folder-view configurations, including list, details, icons and thumbnails. Configuring your XP computer to display thumbnails when you open a folder helps you quickly iden... Read More »

How do you view an image from the recycling bin?

if u really wish to see them in recycle bin..then u have to EXTRA LARGE YOUR ICONS..or just restore them.

How Can I View the Picture if I Just Have an HTML Code for an Image?

The HTML tag includes the actual URL of an image to display on a website, in addition to other related image attributes, such as height, width and the alternative text a screen reader should say i... Read More »