I need a fast working hangover cure?

Answer stop boozing

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I need a hangover cure fast!!!?

Elisha,CURE A HANGOVER Pounding headache? Nausea? Dry mouth? Dizziness? Weakness? Trembling? Feeling like you got hit by a train last night? There are all symptoms of a nasty hangover.Some people a... Read More »

How to cure my hangover fast, going out for a meal tonight!!!?

First of all, make every effort to have a good poop. And if you feel like throwing up don't stop yourself. This will help you cleanse your body of toxins.Then take a detox bath. Must start with a s... Read More »

I need a good hangover cure, shaking sweating no appetite?

It something greasy, and drink some chocolate milk. I don't know what it is with the choc milk, but IT WORKS!!!!! Also, take a goody powder. You will be feeling better in no time!

What is the best hangover cure - I'm dying need help A.S.A.P?

LOTS of water, some aspirin, and also Gatorade helps. The worst thing is there is no quick cure, it just takes time for all of the toxins to be flushed out of your body. My sympathies! I've been ... Read More »