I need a fast way to fall asleep.?

Answer try to sleep with the tv on for some it works as white sound if you can zone out or work out befor sleep also i fine a cold room with a big blanket on helps since your head is cold and body is warm

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How to Fall Asleep Fast?

Do you ever find yourself up late at night wondering what time it is and why you can’t fall asleep? To fall asleep fast, try these techniques.

How do I fall asleep fast?

take melatonin, its all natural and it helps you get tired. and just like relax, clear your head, stretch your muscles a bithope that helps!!

How do I fall asleep fast. ?

i normally listen to some soothing music or get a family member to massage me for a while. it gets your muscles loosened up so they are noce and relaxed when you go to sleep.

How can i fall asleep fast plz answer?

You can take a nice long warm bath and then go to sleep naked or in a towel (that always works for me)You can have a shot or two of hard liquor so you can get that fuzzy feeling which would make it... Read More »