I need a fast shooting camera with good zoom?

Answer "it takes batteries witch sucks" It has been some time since you used a key to wind up a camera.Maybe the lens is dirty, causing slow focus. Try and find a reset button and use it to try to set the... Read More »

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What is a good compact mega zoom camera needs to be under 200 on amazon or eBay at LEAST 10 times ZOOM GREAT picture quality and functionality?

What is a good camera brand or a specific camera that is cheap and has a good zoom like 8x?

Nikon, Canon, Sony etc., are all very good and economical too.The differentiator should not be the price, but how it feels in your hand.Can the camera take the types of pictures that you want to ta... Read More »

Camera with good zoom?

The camera you are looking for if a 40x optical zoom is important will NOT cost you even $500. It will be an advanced P&S camera like the Nikon P510 with a 41x zoom, the ONLY camera with such a le... Read More »

Is nikon d 90 good camera for shooting wedding?