I need a computer expert for help?

Answer do a virus scan with good antivirus. and open up task manager when windows starts and in task manager click on file then new task and type 'explorer' and hit enter. This will solve your problem of ... Read More »

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How to Become a Computer Expert?

Expertizing means keeping the subject or matter mostly in your hand.To become an expert in computers you need to understand the many different areas of a computer. It will take some time and dedica... Read More »

To computer expert : why is my computer slow?

Well, lets start with your BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), this would not cause your computer to slow down. The battery for your BIOS only controls mainly the clock time.Remove the casing, and c... Read More »

A computer expert needed will you help me with this?

OK if you look on the back of your PC you should find where you hook up your phone line and next to that you will find two holes that is where the speaker and mic holes are, the pink is always your... Read More »

Computer expert, Windows 98?

Setting up the wireless network on Win98 isn't any different than setting it up on WinXP or Win2K.Assuming it's connected to a DSL or Cable broadband connection, you'll need the broadband modem, a ... Read More »