I need a 15 ft HDMI-HDMI cable for a plasma TV. Needs to be "in-wall" rated. Is MONSTER worth it Thanks.?

Answer I like the quality of Monster but not the price. If your looking for a really low price try this site.…But here's a quality cable for a lot less than Monst... Read More »

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Monster HDMI cable. Worth it I'm buying the new Pioneer Elite Kuro.?

No, absolutely not. High-dollar interconnects, be it audio or video, are the biggest scam in the A/V business. A $20 Philips cable from Wally World will do just as well.

Monster HDMI cables vs. $39 Philips HDMI - will I really notice a difference?

NO - fancy HDMI cables are a scam.HDMI carries data, not signal. Gold is used in speaker cables that carries a signal that can degrade. HDMI is like USB or firewire and you don't get 'fancy' variet... Read More »

Is Monster the best HDMI cable maker?

HDMI carries a digital signal. The quality of the cable is confirmed by passing certification tests set out by the HDMI organization. You will get the same image quality with a generic cable which ... Read More »

Cheap hdmi cable or expensive hdmi cable does the quality make a difference?

HDMI is digital. it makes no difference at all.Traditional (S-video, Scart, compnent etc) are analogue, and yes it makes a big difference to get a reasonable (not 100's of pounds but tens) cable.T... Read More »