I need Sponsorships for national American Miss Pageant?

Answer Try family and friends first, then hoof it and go to businesses in your area. Here is a letter you can copy and hand out to the businesses. Customize the letter to your pageant system. Also, it hel... Read More »

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National American Miss Ohio Pageant?

Here are some tips to get ready:Keep up with current eventsWorkoutPractice interviewingPractice talentPractice stance and walking in heelsPractice personal introduction, speeches, etcFill out your ... Read More »

How to Organize a Pageant Like the Miss Amazing Pageant?

Sometimes pageants don't have good themes. So, why not make one yourself? It can be easy enough, as long as you're organized and have free time. Just remember you can't enter your own kids, since t... Read More »

How to Enter the Miss USA Pageant?

Winners of the Miss USA Pageant can expect to receive big bucks and a chance to travel the world. However, only one person is named Miss USA at each pageant and it is a difficult task just to enter... Read More »

How to Enter Miss Teen USA Pageant?

The Miss Teen USA Pageant is an opportunity for teenage girls to demonstrate the quality of their character, self-confidence, poise and values. Competition results in the awarding of prizes, but fo... Read More »