I need MAJOR help!?

Answer Done and the e-mail is on the way. By the way, cute kid...

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Need some major cpu nerd help?

Well, the first one has a faster processor, which explains why it's able to complete tasks at a faster speed. You're basically comparing a Dual Core to a older generation processor. It's a huge gap... Read More »

I need major help with the KiK app!!!!!!!!!!11111?

1. any messages you sent before blocking them they can see2. No, once blocked they can't send you any other messages.3. If you unblock them it's like starting a new conversation - history is erased.

I cannot sleep! i need major help here!?

Try not to drink caffeine 6 hours before bedtime.

I need help i lost with my star view box need info plzzz help this is doin my head in?