I need Help w/ my hdtv?

Answer Well FIRST....that HDMI connector is ONLY an HDMI output to get the DVD signal into your TV set.....The ONLY way to get HD/Dolby audio INTO your Amp/DVD player is to use the ORANGE Digital Coax INP... Read More »

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Speakers for HDTV, need help?

Yes - the nice and thin HDTV panels loose a lot of sound quality to get the thin panels.If you are ... 'technology impatient' - you probably want to look at a Soundbar. This is basically a single,... Read More »

Hooking up HDTV to my laptop ... Need help?

should work ok... if your laptard has a dvi output you would be better with that... vga outputs aren't hi will have to tell your tv what inputs to look at but that is alli use windows media... Read More »

I just got a 1080p HDTV and need some help with adjustments.?

yeah directtv charges more for their high definition service,so you need to call up and change your box out...

If I buy a HDTV convertor box that is coming out, I won't need a Dish HD receiver or HDTV?

You are correct. The converter box will convert the over the air antenna signal from digital to analog for old TVs. From your question, i'm assuming you are presently using an antenna. Those who us... Read More »