I need Free virus scan/removable downloads?

Answer…use free versions of these, update, then run full scanthen get avast or avira to run in realtime to keep you protected... Read More »

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Anyt good free anti virus downloads?

The best anti-virus is common sense -- smart surfing.  Don't click on advertising links, don't visit dodgy sites, learn to recognise scams and phishing attempts, don't believe a word you read in a... Read More »

Anywhere with free music downloads without virus for ipods?

go to http://www.odeo.comcuz bearshare put tons of viruses on my computer..and messed up my har drive i had to pay $500 for a new computer...and i tunes u have to pay

Help! Does anyone know of any free anti virus downloads?

I use Panda and it has always worked well for me. They are now letting people try their mega-detection tools for free at That web site is part of their new campaign "In... Read More »

I need a FREE, PLEASE FREE spware adware virus remover!!!!!?

Spybot S&D…Hazard Shield…AVG free…