I need Free virus scan/removable downloads?

Answer…use free versions of these, update, then run full scanthen get avast or avira to run in realtime to keep you protected... Read More »

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Help! Does anyone know of any free anti virus downloads?

I use Panda and it has always worked well for me. They are now letting people try their mega-detection tools for free at That web site is part of their new campaign "In... Read More »

Anywhere with free music downloads without virus for ipods?

go to http://www.odeo.comcuz bearshare put tons of viruses on my computer..and messed up my har drive i had to pay $500 for a new computer...and i tunes u have to pay

Anyt good free anti virus downloads?

The best anti-virus is common sense -- smart surfing.  Don't click on advertising links, don't visit dodgy sites, learn to recognise scams and phishing attempts, don't believe a word you read in a... Read More »

Are there any free downloading programs that allow free music downloads legally (like LimeWire).?

There currently is no such thing. The only free music you are going to get is usually indie music. Popular music (the kind you hear on the radio) is copyrighted. Even if you download it for "fre... Read More »