I need Emo quotes?

Answer I'll use the suicide note my friend wrote for our emo movie:“My life is crumbling around me, and all I can do is watch the sand sift through my shaky fingers. Everything I touch is destroyed in a... Read More »

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I need some Salad Fingers quotes?

A couple that come to mind are "I like it when the red water comes out", "it seems the nettles have made the milk come out from my teat", and "the feeling of rust against my salad fingers is almost... Read More »

I need good, but short, tattoo quotes Can Anyone help?

LOL! 'meaningful but with a ghetto side' - that's made my day! Oh dear...I found a nice list for you, perhaps you can make your selection from this:1.You tryan get in me or something Boi?2. Me the ... Read More »

How to Correctly Add Quotes?

Quotes, which are properly known as quotation marks, are used in a variety of situations. Adding quotes to a paper or written document makes the document more credible by showing where the informat... Read More »

How can you get car insurance quotes?

1) Call your existing insurance company. They'll be happy to add another plan to your policy, and will probably give you discounted quotes since they already know you and your "risk." 2)IF you don... Read More »