I need 50 REAL answers here...?

Answer Herbal therapy. Period. I could talk for days and days about this subject, but due to the fact that I have limited time at the moment and no one really wants to read a year's worth of typing (lol) ... Read More »

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OO my God, I need some real answers please?

i had my milk teeth pulled it did not hurt me

Why is it hard to trust pinoys I need real answers!?

trust some but not all . of course by knowing them first thier family . the neighbors you could get some informations from them .

Why are hard pinoys so thrusting I need real answers?

PARENTS....Is there anyone here on Yahoo Answers..?

I was cursed with the ability to look at both sides of the coin, so I tend to try out think outside the box on most issues. I respect other people's opinions, but I also understand it's just that ... Read More »