I need 2 scan and update my drivers etc. Is there any way i can do it 4 free?

Answer Download mobo and graphic card drivers thats all you need.

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How to Update Your Card & Video Drivers for Windows Vista for Free?

When using a computer, it is extremely important to keep all of the hardware up to date. This includes downloading and installing the latest drivers for equipment on the system, including the video... Read More »

Is there any software that will scan my computer to see what drivers are missing?

Get Driver detective. End of story. Its safe and it will do what it is meant to do. Look for drivers !!!

Free scan errors and also free repair i need to fix the scanned errors and repair them for free?

Most of the free scans are a way to give you a sells pitch... For work you may or may not need. I would not do it.I have been a tech for many years, and have certifications...

I need Free virus scan/removable downloads?…use free versions of these, update, then run full scanthen get avast or avira to run in realtime to keep you protected... Read More »