I need 105 hours of memory!!?

Answer 105 hours divided by 24 hours/day = 4.38 days.The easiest way I can think of doing this is with a security cam and a surveillance DVR with a 250 gig drive... maybe a 500 gig drive...

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How many hours does a 8gb memory card hold?

A headphone amplifier can be used with a hi-fi system although is not necessary. Most hi-fi systems have the ability to have headphones directly connected through a dedicated output socket. The hea... Read More »

How much memory will 820 hours of audio CD take up in a computer?

Uncompressed, 820 hours of audio would take up 521 gigabytes of storage space, based on 16 bits per channel at 44,100 samples per second. If compressed using the lossless FLAC codec, it would take ... Read More »

How many hours video does 32 gb flash memory hold?

If you store high quality movie then it takes about 2GB to store an hour long video, So you can save as much as 16hour of video to your 32 gb flash drive.In case the video quality is lower than you... Read More »

How many hours of video will a 4GB memory card hold?

I normal DVD is about 4.7Gb. As you know films vary in length.There isn't a straight forward answer to your question unfortunately because the length of the video will all depend on the quality of... Read More »