I might sound stupid but can somebody please tell me what a blog is?

Answer You're not stupid. A blog is short for web log. It's an online diary or notebook of sorts. There are many popular blog sites such as Livejournal, MySpace and Google blogs. Yahoo has their own blog ... Read More »

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So I know this might sound stupid but help on glasses?

I'm not sure what to do about the kind of lenses you need, I would suggest you forget glasses and get contacts. Being that I actively take part in sports also, I can tell you glasses are a pain to ... Read More »

Can somebody PLEASE tell me what this means. please.?

This might sound stupid, but will wearing glasses make my vision worse?

I don't understand why people are under the assumption that NOT wearing corrective lenses will IMPROVE their eyesight. That is a HUGE misconception.I just answered this question from someone else:... Read More »

Can Somebody Tell Me Some Of The Questions They Might Ask Me On The Driver's License Test?

Here in Ca., the DMV website has sample tests you can check out.Not sure if they have that in your state, but try to find out. Go to the website.