I might have a root canal Scared please help?

Answer Prep: Bring some music along for the ride. Advice: Look for an endodontist to do it if possible. I've had really good recover times and lower pain levels with one vs. a standard dentist. What to ex... Read More »

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Have you had a root canal please help 10 pts!?

I have gotten root canal two times and as far as i remember mine was done in 3 appointments. honestly i didn't feel any pain Nothing at all even after the treatment the only bad thing was that i ... Read More »

Scared to get a root canal.. HELP!?

Well, a root canal is does over a process at times and the way they numb you is a special toothpaste that numbs the area then after they will completely numb you with the medication (the needle) yo... Read More »

If you had a root canal done 11 months ago with only a temporary filling and you now have braces can you still have the root canal finished?

Answer usually. Answer The braces will not effect the root canal therapy, which should be completed ASAP. Temporary fillings are just that - temporary. They can break down and begin to leak after a... Read More »

Root Canal please help?

They do not operate or put you to sleep for a root canal. They numb you up good so there's no pain. In fact you don't feel anything.They basically remove the top part of your tooth, remove the nerv... Read More »