I met this guy on myspace and...?

Answer He couldn't come and get you anyway... he's 15 he's not allowed to drive a car, trackter maybe, but not a car!I think you should forget anybody that will lead you on or mistreat you like that. Whe... Read More »

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Who is this Tom guy on Myspace...?

he's the creator of myspace.. as for him wanting your body? I dont know.. but i wouldn't mind taken a whack at it.. ;) write me sometime stud muffin!!!

Why Do people say this on myspace?

Do you like this myspace?

Yes I do.Btw I prefer myspace to facebook, I have had a facebook account, it didn't have too much to do on it.

Should I use this as my qoute on myspace?

It is very flat. Do you have to speak like nowadays and that way show your intelligence? Try something different. Try quote in intelligent way, not in "cool" way!